Terms and Condition

You must agree with the mentioned Terms and Conditions in order to access and use the website along with all the features and content – 

  • User is not authorized to submit the property’s description details, photographs, contact name & number, price, and other information in GharOffice unless they have taken the necessary permission and rights from the property owner or holder.
  • User is not authorized to update and amend any information related to the submitted property. This includes the present condition and status of the property, type of the property and shall reveal whether the property is free from due and outstanding or not.
  • In case of any such property the user shall bring forward the background details of the property including its title, possession and ownership.
  • In some cases there may be a requirement for the users to bring along an affidavit for the future that should be clearly stating the genuineness of the information and data of such property with the idea of proving the claim on any such property.
  • GharOffice reserves all rights to set in a demand for more evidences related to the property and it can terminate the accounts, contracts and access if users found violating the terms and conditions repeatedly.
  • GharOffice shall have the sole rights to assume the manner, in which the property listing is displayed, searched, downloaded, copied, accessed and modify.
  • Users hereby accept that all the property related information is proper and suitable. To the best of their knowledge.
  • Users are exclusively responsible to maintain the backup copies of all the any information shared previously, as well as the photographs and related materials. However, GharOffice will put in the necessary information to retain the data.
  • Anyone who is buying or renting property through GharOffice takes complete responsibility for the verification of the necessary information about the property and its ownership to avoid any further associative loss.
  • Publishing and uploading any kind of offensive, abusive, racial, pornographic material, information and content is strictly prohibited. Actions will be taken whenever a breach is witnessed.
  • Revealing the personal information about any person and violating that person’s property information in GharOffice without that person’s acceptance and permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Any attempt to deliver virus and malware to GharOffice when trying to upload information and property is strictly prohibited. Actions when so ever will be taken.
  • The users are prohibited to use the website of GharOffice in an illegal manner or against the given terms and conditions.
  • Website access in unauthorized manner including using another person’s log in details and hacking is strictly prohibited.
  • Website users should restrict in any form of unauthentic marketing and shall not send the inappropriate materials.
  • If GharOffice finds your actions on the website as inappropriate or against the terms and conditions then GharOffice reserves all rights to remove your account, content and disable your access in the website permanently. Therefore, you must ensure your actions on the website are monitored and controlled in order to avoid the dismissal of your account.
  • Payment Terms

  • GharOffice will never keep or save any information and data of the credit card or any other payment card at the accessible location in the internet. After the completion of the transaction in the website, GharOffice will move the credit card and data information offline, ensuring that it is never acceptable in the internet. Further, GharOffice keeps the high security of the user’s credit card data and information and don’t let it to fall in the wrong hands for wrong use.
  • GharOffice shall not be held responsible for the harm and loss and any disclosure of any information of the user’s account and its information regarding online transaction using debit cards/credit cards and verification process and shall not be responsible for any omission, error and inaccuracy relating to any information revealed and used or not in the respect of legal process.
  • Refund Terms

    GharOffice does not offer any guarantee of repayment nor do they guarantee the timeliness of refund deposited in the customer’s card or bank account. There are a number of important factors that have a crucial role to play in the process of online transactions, the internet infrastructure and working days as well as holidays of financial institutions. In case of refund being demanded in case of an objectionable and wrong property content the decision completely relies on GharOffice.

    Use of Information

    Customers agree to examination all the information obtained from the GharOffice  content including listing, directory of members, and any other information available to the customers as an ownership of the company. Customers further agree to keep the content of the website confidential for members and to not share it with any with the outside parties.

    Customers shall make use of the listing and description as an initial to begin with the evaluation process of property; customers further must not make use of such listings for their personal use. Any inappropriate or abusive language used to carry out a search of properties should lead to the cancellation of the user’s account.

    Intellectual Property Rights

    GharOffice owns all of its trademarks and logos under the license. Customers are not authorized to use its logos, trademarks in any manner. GharOffice respects all the standards of Intellectual Property Rights and all steps taken further in this direction will be taken after a careful consideration of norms. Whenever the user is found using the website against the Intellectual Property Rights, GharOffice reserves the right to terminate the agreement without giving prior notice.

    Privacy Policy

    Please visit Privacy Policy section.


    GharOffice is not responsible for its content, listings and information in any matter. Further, it will not be responsible for unauthentic identity – whether owner or property listing. Users are solely responsible to clarify and ensure the identity of the property ownership and listing before buying or renting properties through GharOffice.

    The authenticity of the website should be checked upon by the owners on their own. GharOffice shall not be responsible for users who have not checked the authenticity and details well in advance.


    GharOffice reserves all rights to terminate user’s access or restrict a user’s access to the website at any time they find them misbehaving or violating the terms and conditions stated by the company.

    Governing Law

    When accessing the website, the user must agree that the laws operating in India shall be the governing laws in all matters related to GharOffice.


    Courts should have the complete jurisdiction in all matters concerned with GharOffice and its terms and conditions without taking into account the jurisdiction and territory of a user’s access to the website.

    Further, GharOffice will under no circumstances monitor a user’s positioning on a regular basis; however it reserves all rights to monitor whenever the need arrives.  


    Any report against the abuse of violation of terms and conditions should be addressed directly to GharOffice.com.