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Why Vaishali Nagar Is A Perfect Place To Buy A House in Jaipur?

Apr 26 2019
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Vaishali Nagar is located in the south-western part of Jaipur which is one of the posh areas of Jaipur. It is connected to Queens Road, Delhi Bypass, Ajmer Road and Sirsi Road. A Few years back this area was not fully developed and residential as well as commercial projects were not there. Now, there are some major brands outlets are situated in the area including, Park Avenue, Raymond, Reebok, Nike, Levis, and many other big names along with their elite showrooms. After seeing the growth of the area many builders have reached there with their unique commercial and residential projects. One of the posh areas in Vaishali Nagar is Amrapali Circle where high-class societies have been flourished. It is also filled with many big commercials centers such as Inox Cinema Hall, Dainik Navjyoti and others. Nearby to Amrapali Circle, Nursery Circle is also a big area in Vaishali Nagar where Tagore Girls College is situated close to National Handloom which is a point of attraction in the area. People from high-class to medium class have purchased their houses there. Most of them have purchased flats just for investment purposes; on the other hand, many people have started living there. These big names include Rangoli Gardens, Vardhman Sampada, Ganesham Gokul Vatika and many more projects have been developed so far and new projects are coming too. There are many Residential flats for sale in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur where you could stay along with your family happily. Some points you may consider if you are buying a flat in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur:

Location Matters: Make sure, you are selecting your apartment in the Prime location of Vaishali Nagar or nearby if budget is the constraint. The apartment should be equipped with all the required facilities and the home should be situated in a location where transportation should not be the concern.

Family Comes First: Buying a home should be based on the basic needs of your family. Kids love to play after coming back from school so there should be a playground for your toddlers to play. Ladies love to visit the shopping mall to buy something for them or their families. So, the flat should not be much far from the market.

Development Is A Continuous Process: Previously, Vaishali Nagar was not much developed and people stayed away from this area in terms of buying a house or living there but now it so much developed and since it is well-connected to Delhi Bypass, Ajmer Road and Sirsi Road, the development will keep going on. Many big companies, brands and people from high-class families are reaching there to stay and flourish their businesses.

Amenities: There are around 20 branches of private and PSU banks in Vaishali Nagar and all major brands are opening their showrooms in the area which is making it a promising place for builders & investors. This locality has turned into a satellite city of Jaipur where almost everything is available for the localites. They don’t need to go anywhere in order to fulfill their needs.

Conclusion: Vaishali Nagar in Jaipur is a great place to stay and opening a business would not be a bad choice. There are many remarkable structures you would see there such as Akshardham Temple and others. It has a growing market where you can find almost everything you are looking for. Since many major brands have reached there, so many commercial and residential projects are also growing here which attracts people to stay or start a business of their choice.

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