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How to Verify Authentic Dealers and Properties for Rent or Sell?

Apr 06 2019
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Is your hard earned money sucked illegally? Investment in Real estate has become a risky business due to false commitments of Real estate agents and brokers. Verification & Authentication of agents must be done but how? Here are the steps:

RERA Registration is an authentication for approved real estate agent.

On March 2016, government passed a law “Land (Guideline and Advancement) Act, 2016 (RERA)” to direct land market and make exacting arrangements that must be satisfied by the engineers (Developers) and dealers while selling their property. Under RERA, representatives or specialists should guarantee that they are appropriately enlisted with the controller. Subsequent to enlisting themselves merchant turns out to be progressively responsible to home purchasers and totally in charge of their business exercises and practices.

Never do every deal on call

In this digital world many people do not want or like to go outside for making any deal rather they would prefer dealing on call and feel it as a great achievement. But physical existence of real estate property brokers and agents must be verified.

Visit office personally

Personally visiting office gives a clear out look and inferences for association with dealer because many scams have happened where people trusted and invested money but when they went to meet the broker there was no physical existence and money was looted.

Ask multiple questions regarding his authentication

Asking tough questions sometimes make people uncomfortable but in actual sense this gives you a fare idea about the behaviour of broker or agent at the time of future help.

Verify from other people about his authenticity

Before selecting your property verify from other people related to the property whether you are going to buy or on rent this makes you understand that is the property good enough to be sustain with or not?

Document everything

Document everything on paper because verbal communication has no authenticity and you can be cheated at any point of the time.

Confirm his business existence

Investment is a big decision so confirm the existence of business because many people would promise but would never tell you their actual address of business existence and if you feel anything like this either you can complaint or wish not to go with them.

Check the authenticity if possible take lawyer with you for in-depth verification for any big or small deal of properties.

Conclusion: –

Exact information of Agents and brokers in India is very hard to find so sometimes you need to trust on people because of mouth publicity but if you think wisely and deeply you can avoid many unnecessary incidents. Though government has been trying to prevent scams and frauds still common people awareness with intelligence is highly required.

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