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Nov 27

5 Things to Look for in Your Dream Apartment


How often do you find an apartment that suits all your expectations and budget without having you to compromise? Honestly, it is not often that you find a home that is exactly what you’re looking for, unless of course if your research has been thorough and complete. Whether this is your first time of purchasing a flat or not, this…

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Nov 19

How the Depreciating Indian Rupee is Creating an Impact on the Real Estate Sector?

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Fluctuations in the value of currency are unpredictable but constant, and these fluctuations have indistinctive impact on the real estate market of the country along with the many other sectors. Lately, the Indian rupee has been touching record lows against the US dollar and one simply cannot ignore the impact it will have on the real estate sector, in terms of…

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Nov 05

5 Things to Consider When Moving into a Rental House


Shifting homes is a task, especially when you’re moving into a new city and have no clue of the type of homes here. Also, if you’re required to make the shifting within your city there are a number of things that you need to consider in order to avoid any major problems that could occur during the shifting process. Mentioned…

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